Wood veneer basket


   Our company was founded in 2013 and is located in the Kirovograd region , in the heart of Ukraine. We produce environmentally friendly packaging made of veneer:

 baskets of mushrooms, strawberries, grapes , berries, vegetables, fruits and other food products. We only use environmentally friendly raw materials from the central part of Ukraine as raw material for the production. Products are highest quality, made from natural wood, eco-friendly, does not contain any harmful impurities and chemically active substances. Products meet all European quality standards CE. Store products packed to our baskets does not lead to contamination of harmful substances contained in the plastic. Shelf life of goods such as: mushrooms, berries, fruits, vegetables and other foods increases when they placed in veneer packing. This package is widely used in Europe, Russia and Belarus. Foods packaged in our baskets have attractive appearance, thus increasing sales. Besides the fact that this packaging is eco-friendly for the consumer, it does not require the cost of waste after use, unlike plastic and plastic packaging polluting.

   At the moment, our company can produce about 150,000 units per month.


  We are interested in long-term cooperation and mutual profits.